Kinetic Saturdays: A fine art museum and street theater

Every first Saturday of the month from October to April, Mat Bevel Company opens the Museum Of Kinetic Art (MOKA) and inspires kids of all ages with whirling, fine art sculptures and thoughtful theater vignettes during Kinetic Saturdays. The events are a fine art, educational experience where super hero characters playfully dispense wisdom from a mechanical world of found objects. For many, the museum is a playful introduction to science, technology, engineering and math through the lens of art. 

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The MOKA Virtual Reality Tour

Mat Bevel Company is producing virtual reality tour of the Museum Of Kinetic Art that captures the motions, sounds and colors of all the machines and puppets in 360 degrees, allowing viewers to feel as if they are inside the sculptures. Learn more.

Outstanding in the Field

Mat Bevel Company is developing a new educational program called “Outstanding in the Field” that leverages local expert’s knowledge to teach students K-12 about their community’s specific occupations and associated academic fields. Learn more.

A Headset for Every Mindset

Mat Bevel Company is developing a new educational program called “A Headset for Every Mindset” that helps students in grades 3-8 build greater awareness, imagination, dexterity and problem-solving skills. Learn more.