School of Intuition

Hands-on activities and resourcefulness build innovation

The Mat Bevel Company’s School of Intuition enhances traditional academic learning, emphasizing resourcefulness, intuitive problem solving, kinesthetic learning and spatial-mechanical aptitude to spark greater ingenuity, imagination and creativity.

The School of Intuition provides educational workshops, talks and learning experiences for the public such as Corrugated Headgear, The Daily Doodle, The Art of Kinetics and Novel Ideas. The creative principles that guide the School of Intuition are contained in the Ministry of Motion credo, and include 12 concepts that Mat Bevel will stake his reputation on.

Corrugated Headgear Workshop

Students sporting their headdresses after completing the Corrugated Headgear workshop.

Students sporting their headdresses after completing the Corrugated Headgear workshop.

In this workshop, students create unique headgear—hats, helmets and masks—from corrugated cardboard strips, white glue, masking tape and wrapping paper. In the spirit of resourceful behavior, we use common throw-away items to make peculiar things of beauty. The materials are simple and easy to work with yet challenging. Structure and aesthetics cooperate and encourage problem solving as a way of making functional art.

This workshop provides hands-on learning for intuitive, non-goal oriented object making. Not only does our approach consider this essential for art making and everyday decision making, but it is also a working method that our consumer ideology purposely tries to discourage.

This popular workshop for all ages and skill levels, encourages problem solving, playful dexterity and stylish recycling. The art making process demonstrates good work ethics by encouraging habits of problem solving, concentration, trail and error and mastery of skills.

Novel Ideas

Novel Ideas is a grassroots educational pilot that addresses a national creative intelligence deficit by building students’ creative thinking skills, defined as a flexible and imaginative approach to solving problems. Using creative play and Mat Bevel Company President Ned Schaper’s world of Beveldom–a fine-art mechanical land teeming with inspiring characters–the pilot integrates kinetic art, surrealistic theater, storytelling and hands-on activities to build innovative and original thinking skills in students.

For more information, contact Paula Schaper at 520-604-6273.