Workshop Sponsor

With your support, Mat Bevel Company will host a series of workshops called “A Headset for Every Mindset” during 2017 and 2018 at Miles Elementary Learning Center in Tucson. Kids from greater Tucson K-8 are invited to participate. We are currently seeking Workshop Sponsors to support the entire season or an individual workshop. These workshops are a great way to help students integrate science-based creative play into activities and make learning exciting and unforgettable.

Workshops blend the artist’s hands-on instruction with his new media arts digital storytelling and learning format to increase cognitive learning for students K-8.

Guided by artist Ned Schaper, students create unique headgear—hats, helmets and masks—from recycled items—corrugated cardboard strips, magazines, wrapping paper. The workshops blend structure and aesthetics to encourage problem solving as a way of making functional art. Students develop a creative sensibility between object and function through kinesthetic association stimulated by the materials.

During workshops, pre-taped Surrealistic Pop Science Theater productions at the Museum Of Kinetic Art bring students into the magical world of Beveldom, a “lost land of found objects” with nearly one hundred animated fine art sculptures all made from found objects. Inspiring characters from the theater give students new perspectives on resourcefulness, conservation, sustainability, recycling and intuitive engineering.

Workshops will be videotaped and edited by Mat Bevel Company’s Bevelvision Productions, and become part of a new learning tool distributed to teachers throughout the country. West Bloomfield School District in Michigan will be our first recipient of workshop content.

$1,000 Sponsorship Individual Workshop
$6,000 Sponsorship Season Workshop

Sponsorship covers videographer and sound person, materials and artist stipend for preparing theatrical vignettes and teaching classes. Post production editing not covered in sponsorship.

Workshop sponsors will be recognized in all event promotions including:

  • Postcards and fliers
  • Mat Bevel Company website
  • Newsletters and event notices to our 1,000 person fan base 
  • Feature articles in The Junk Evangelist newsletter 
  • Press releases
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  • Poster at workshops

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