Art That Speaks To People

In May of 2017, we launched a fundraiser to help Mat Bevel Company move forward with our work as we open for Kinetic Saturdays, develop digital storytelling programs for students and create the virtual reality tour of the Museum Of Kinetic Art. Your gift supports these programs, plus it brings together a popular museum and theater with new media arts so that we can produce The Mat Bevel Show, quality fine art, educational television for people of all ages, everywhere.

This campaign is ongoing through the month of May 2017. Become a member and receive gifts and free admission to Kinetic Saturdays next year. We are offering new sponsorship opportunities including Kinetic Saturday Event Sponsor, Field Trip Sponsor for students to visit the Museum Of Kinetic Art, Workshop Sponsor and Member Sponsor. Or simply make a donation. Learn more about how you can support our work.

Field Trip Sponsor: $500

Bill Taft (MI)
Gerry Isaac and Lynne Weatherby, Stage Stop Inn & Wild Horse Restaurant (AZ)
Santa Cruz Foundation for the Performing Arts (AZ)
Kathleen James and Gary Retherford, La Frontera Realty (AZ) – Matched the gift

Gift of $250

Cindy Rabbitt (AZ)

Gift of $213

Anonymous (CA) – Matched the gift and took us to the match and beyond!

Gifts of $50

Liz Collier (AZ) – Matched the gift
Ron Nelson (AZ) – Matched the gift
Susan Silverman, GARDEN, Inc. (AZ) – Matched the gift

Gifts of $25

Karyn Rudnick (AZ)
Christine Scheer (AZ) – Matched the gift
Cheryl Toth (AZ) – Matched the gift
Janie Trafton (AZ)
Paula Wittner (AZ)

Gift of $10,000

Anonymous (CA)

Gift of $2,500

Beth Eynon Wetherell (AZ) – Matching gift challenger

Gift of $1,000

Doug Rogers (AZ) – Matched the gift

Gift of $600

Jack Zittere (AZ)

Gift of $400

Daryl Wallizer (OH) – Matched the gift

Gift of $150

Paul Schwam (AZ) – Matched the gift

Gifts of $100

Meredith Aronson (AZ)
Elayna Cushman (AZ) – Matched the gift
Margaret Holmes (GA)
Dr. Alan Levin (AZ)
Marcia and Dr. Ron Spark (AZ)
Peter Zittere (CA) – Matched the gift

Ministry Of Motion 

In May of 2016, we launched a fundraiser to support Mat Bevel Company in establishing a contemporary art-science attraction during Kinetic Saturdays at our current location on Broadway. Learn more about how you can support our work.

Individual Artist Research & Development Grant: $5,000 

Special Gift: $1,500


Jet Set Jettison: Gifts of $1,000

Jack Zittere (AZ)

Event Sponsors: $500


Big Bang: Gifts of $500

Doug Rogers (AZ)
William Taft (MI)

Condo Launch Pad: Gifts of $200 to $300

Cindy Rabbitt (AZ)
Amy Trotter (OH)
Daryl Walizer (OH)
Jeb Zirato (AZ)

Rocket Boy: Gifts of $100 to $199

Meredith Aronson (AZ)
Elayna Cushman (AZ)
Nancy Ebert (MI)
Phillip Gehm (OH)
Pam Hanke (OH)
Jan Herron (AZ)
Dr. Alan Levin (AZ)
Stefanie Marlis (CA)
Debra Paterson (AZ)
Mary A. Schultz (AZ)
Marcia and Ron Spark (AZ)
Ethan Steele (AZ)
Emily Tellez (MD)
Kurt Thompson (AZ)

Missile Mama: Gifts of $50 to $99

Patty Antonosanti (OH)
Ann Davis (AZ)
Susan Englebry (AZ)
Jan Foxx (AZ)
Adrienne Halpert (AZ)
Douglas Hancock (AZ)
Charlie Hinkin (CA)
Robert & Darlene Mann (CO)
Bob & Elise Misiorowski (AZ)
Carolyn Sheild (MA)
Trey Webster (OH)

Fan Butterfly: Gifts of $25

Emily & Chris Bell (OH)
Karen Brennan (AZ)
Elizabeth Collier (AZ)
Judith Hasbrouck (AZ)
Robert Hoffman (AZ)
Sally Krommes (AZ)
Meg Linton (AZ)
Cindy Matus Morriss (AZ)
Stephen Romaniello (AZ)
Art Torrance (AZ)
Paula Wittner (AZ) OUR FIRST MEMBER!

“BEVELVISION IS LIVE!” Thanks to our Supporters

In May of 2015, we launched a month-long capital campaign, the “Bevelvision Is Going Live!” event. Gifts ranging from $5 to $5,000 made our campaign a success! Thank you to our friends, family, fans, colleagues and neighbors who made Bevelvision a reality. Our first-ever Bevelvision production can be enjoyed at:

Gifts of $5-$99

Meredith Aronson (AZ) 
Carolyn Sheild (MA) 
The Gloo Factory (AZ) 
Barbara Hight (CO) 
Robert Maki (MN) 
Margaret (Meg) Linton (AZ) 
Christine Scheer (AZ) 
Robert Ollerton (AZ)  
Trent W Anderson (CA) 
Lisa Agababian (AZ) 
Judith Hasbrouck (AZ) 
Jennifer Eldred (AZ) 
Betsy and Fred McGee (MT)
Sally Krommes (AZ)
Colleen Hake (AZ)
Jay Graham (CA)
Phil Lichtenhan (AZ)
Jan Foxx (AZ) 
Jay Graham (CA)
Patty Gray (Ireland) 
Adam Cooper-Terán (AZ)
Pam Hanke (OH)
Jill Hofer (AZ) 
Janet Schaper (OH)
Jon and Lori Matheson (WA)
Jane Kaiser (AZ)
David Kohn (AZ)
Barbara Robinson (AZ)
Mike Taft (CA)
USed & STAINed Art JunQue (AZ)
Catherine Fey (AZ)
Michele Walsh (AZ)
Patty Antonisonti (OH)
Barbara Brandel (AZ)
Atthis Arts LLC (OH) 
Kelly Leslie (AZ) 
Paula Wittner (AZ)
Deb & John Richards (WA) 
Michael Henderson (AZ) 
Jeanne Shields (IL) 
Jacqueline Nichols (MI) 


Commander Performance: Gifts of $2,500-$5,000

Elizabeth Eynon Wetherell (FL): $5,000
Andy White (CA): $2,500


Jester Physics: Gifts of $500

Virginia Fanfera (PA)
Dee Ann and Sergio Arroyo (AZ)
Tony Brakora (MI)
Doug Rogers (AZ)
Deborah Fain (AZ)


Coffee Guru: Gifts of $250

Liz Rayo (AZ)
Mary Estes (AZ)
Jack Zittere (AZ)
Thomas (Trey) Webster (OH)
Cindy Rabbitt (AZ)
Kerstin Block (AZ) 
Amy Trotter (OH)
Margaret Holmes (GA)
Margaret Zittere (DE)
Darryl Walizer (OH)
Joe O’Connell (AZ)

Major Metamorphosis

Major Metamorphosis: Gifts of $100-$200

Tanya Rich (AZ)
Gus and Bill Taft (MI)
Barbara Roth (AZ)
David Zittere (DE)
Cheryl Lee Toth (AZ) 
Peter Zittere (CA)
Jan Burch (FL) 
Elayna Cushman (AZ) 
Dave Dohrmann (AZ)
MK Getgood (AK)
Charlie Hinkin (CA)
Ethan Steele (AZ)
Emily Tellez (MD)
Cathlin Sanzo (OH)
Jennifer Wade (MI) 
Dr. Alan Levin (AZ)
Phil Gehm (OH)
Pete Sundt (AZ)
Wayne Enstice (CA)