Surrealistic Pop Science Theater

Surrealistic Pop Science Theater

Welcome to the Surrealistic Pop Science Theater. The story takes place in Beveldom, “the lost land of found objects,” where everything is made from discarded items. Step inside the Museum Of Kinetic Art with your host Mat Bevel, and witness the power of kinetics. You’ll enter a land filled with nearly 100 moving characters, vehicles, musical instruments and headdresses.

Meet the Creative Forces

Beveldom’s 52 resident characters, museum “staff members,” will show you the wonders of kinetic art using poetry, comedy, music and light. They’ll give you a whole new perspective on consumerism, conservation, nature, physics, energy, recycling, and even relationships. 

These inspiring characters bring thousands of unwanted items back into the flow of creation where they find new life in Beveldom. In Beveldom there’s no disbelief. Here, you’ll tap into the universal magic all around you.

About Surrealistic Pop Science Theater

Welcome to the kinetic junk theater. It’s been created by Ned Schaper who has delighted audiences for over 30 years with his one-man theater.  Today live performances draw upon 440 poetic tales contained in a narrative called The Three Days of Beveldom. The story takes place in the magical world of Beveldom under the guidance of a fictional leader named Mat Bevel.

The theater’s cast—all played by Schaper—has colorful names like Walter Ego, Jester Physics, The New Non-Prophet and Dr. Paradox. These characters help people see themselves and our culture in a brilliant new way using poetry, puns, physics, comedy and music.