Update on Bevelvision Productions

Mat Bevel Company is moving forward on technical and creative fronts with Bevelvision Productions. In upcoming videos, you’ll see images that combine a mix of footage from three very different cameras: 360fly virtual reality camera, GoPro 5 miniature action camera and the Canon C100 Cinema Camera. This is helping Mat Bevel Company President Ned Schaper to establish the look and feel of Beveldom through the eye of the camera for a new virtual theater that takes place in a junk universe!

Ned Schaper explains, “The 360fly lets me place characters inside moving sculptures. I can shoot 360 degrees then combine it with a regular high definition video in the editing phase. The three cameras give me multiple perspectives to work with, adding dimension to the world of Beveldom.” 

The lens of the 360fly action camera is spherical, and points straight up into the air. The camera can capture everything happening around all at once, the single eye recording everything in its field of view. The GoPro 5 camera gets up close and personal with an ultra-wide angle view allowing Ned’s characters to interact in close quarters with the sculptures without a camera person. That’s a great benefit since our current production studio is packed with sculptures and equipment, leaving no room for a camera person to move around. The C100 shoots a “normal” live video image and also records the two channels of quality audio for the scene. 

All of this technology is taking us deeper into the Junk Universe of Beveldom! Thank you everyone who has supported Mat Bevel Company over the last three years. Because of you, we’re much closer to capturing the magical world of Beveldom using video technologies.

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