Surrealistic Pop Science Theater’s Dr. Paradox performing with “The Energy Plant” kinetic sculpture. Photo courtesy of Toshi Ueshina.

A deeper connection to art, science, education and culture

We inspire people of all ages to cultivate greater awareness, resourcefulness, ingenuity and purpose through found-object kinetic art, theater, hands-on learning experiences and digital media arts:

  • Museum Of Kinetic Art—Nearly 100 mechanical sculptures demonstrate how even junk can come back into the flow of creation and find new purpose.

  • Surrealistic Pop Science Theater—A one-man performance celebrates the excitement of creativity with 52 characters, The Three Days of Beveldom narrative and sculptures from the museum choreographed to music, light and poetry.

  • School of Intuition—A kinesthetic learning lab teaches people how to create things of lasting value with original thinking, intuitive problem solving and resourcefulness.

  • Bevelvision Productions—The Mat Bevel Show shares the magical world of Beveldom, “the lost land of found objects,” with people everywhere via new media arts TV.

Mat Bevel Company is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that shares the art, science and philosophy of kinetic sculptor, poet and performer Ned Schaper. To encourage innovation, he uses only what’s available—found objects—as the raw materials for his sculptures, along with his understanding of mechanics, physics and insect flight dynamics. The real magic is in Schaper’s intuitive engineering approach. He does not know what the object will become when he begins the process. Instead, by working with the materials of the found object, he lets the object’s ultimate function emerge on its own, which leads to beautiful and unexpected results.

The sculptures in the Museum Of Kinetic Art play an important role in Schaper’s one-man Surrealistic Pop Science Theater. The large landscape of found-object kinetic sculptures are the set, props, costumes and characters for performances.

In 2014, Schaper’s art was featured in a 2-month solo retrospective exhibition at the Tucson Museum of Art called Welcome to Beveldom: Mat Bevel’s Museum of Kinetic Art. For the first time, the Tucson Museum of Art included live performances as part of a solo artist exhibition, with two performances that were well attended and well received. The kid-friendly exhibition broke all attendance for the Tucson Museum of Art during this period. 

New Location, New Horizons

In 2014, the former Mat Bevel Institute, a 5,000 square foot performance center was demolished to make room for a highway. For 17 years the Institute had been home to the Museum of Kinetic Art, Schaper’s Surrealistic Pop Science Theater, the international Zeitgeist Jazz at the Institute series and Available Resource Technology workshops.


The kid-friendly exhibition broke all attendance for the Tucson Museum of Art during this period.

After the Tucson Museum of Art show, Schaper teamed up with his sister Paula to establish the non-profit Mat Bevel Company at a new location in Tucson, Arizona. For many years, the two siblings have shared a vision of capturing the Surrealistic Pop Science Theater’s world of Beveldom, using stop-motion animation, time-lapse photography, animation and live action video. The vision is now becoming a reality. Initial content for what will become The Mat Bevel Show is broadcasting online at Produced by Bevelvision Productions, the show answers the need for fine art, educational entertainment that’s humorous, meaningful and inspirational. 

For more information

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