Lars Marshall


Lars Marshall, Art Director and Community Liaison for Mat Bevel Company’s New Beveldom Studios in Patagonia, AZ. Photo courtesy of Jim Schrimpf.

Lars Marshall provides a critical link as art director and community liaison for Mat Bevel Company’s New Beveldom Studios in Patagonia, AZ. As an experienced TV producer, he also connects Mat Bevel’s world of Beveldom with global audiences as more footage is produced via Bevelvision Productions for The Mat Bevel Show.

Lars has known Ned and Paula Schaper for 30 years, and has worked since 2002 with Paula at WestWordVision. In a career as a graphic designer, television and radio producer, and art director, Lars has gathered experience from respected advertising agencies in Fort Worth, Ann Arbor, Nashville, and now, Patagonia. He has developed multi-media campaigns to promote everything from the Michigan State Fair, to architects and developers throughout Texas, to healthcare programs and facilities across the mid-west.

Since moving to Patagonia in 2001, Lars has discovered his talents in theater as an actor and a board member for the Tin Shed theater. He often plays leading roles in the theater’s productions in Patagonia.

Lars holds Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees from University of North Texas in Advertising, Psychology and Photography.